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EV’s are becoming more popular every day. In fact, it’s estimated that by the end of 2022, over half of all new car sales will be electric vehicles.

This is great news for our environment, and for those who want to save money on gas. But what about people who love cars with insane amounts of power and speed? Won’t they miss out on the fun? Not necessarily!

What is Electric Vehicle Tuning?

Electric Vehicle Tuning (EVT) is the process of modifying an electric vehicle to increase its performance.

This can be done by increasing the power and torque of the electric motor, or by changing the gear ratios to make better use of the motor’s power. It can also involve adding a larger battery pack to increase the range of the vehicle.

The Teslas that you have heard of or have seen on YouTube drag racing Supercars, Hypercars, and American Muscle cars and crushing them by a long margin, have been trending now for some time proving that there is a target market out there, and this market has been widely underserved. However, this is about to change in a big way.

Why Would I Want to Tune My Electric Vehicle?

There are a few reasons you might want to tune your electric vehicle. Perhaps you want to increase the power to weight ratio and overall performance of your car, or maybe you’re looking to increase your 1st gen, electric vehicle’s torque.

You may also want to improve the range so that you can go further on a single charge. Or maybe you just want to make your car unique and stand out from the crowd.

How Can I Tune My Electric Vehicle?

There are a few ways a driver can tune their EV. You could go the DIY route if you’re mechanical with some tools and have electrical knowledge of brushless motors.

Or, today in 2022 you could save a lot of time and research and hop online and simply buy a “crate engine” right from your phone.

Historically, crate engines were referred to as high-performance, high-output combustion engines that were sold in a crate and then delivered and installed in your car.

The difference is, today, there are new companies that offer all-electric “crate motors” and all you need to do is swap out your old stock electric motor for the new one!

Introducing the Bolt-on 550HP All-Electric Crate Motor

The reVolt CR-43 Crate Motor

The reVolt CR-43 Motor All Electric Swap Kit is Bolted in place using V-8 small block mounts. This new crate motor may be the catalyst to the development of a whole new EV ecosystem of all electric Kit mods.

The reVolt Tesla Crate Motor includes not only a Tesla electric motor but also an inline gear reduction where a conventional transmission would bolt onto behind the engine and a universal joint ready to be connected to a driveshaft.

The battery and control unit for the system appear to be available separately, and all of the components will be available individually.

The reVolt CR-43 Crate Motor Specs

Rated Power

350-450 Kilowatt's


800+ [lb-ft] at the yoke


8000 max at the yoke


1000 Amps


300 Pounds

Input Voltage

275-400 Volts


43 Inches


13 Inches


15 Inches

How much does it cost?

The cost of the reVolt CR-43 All-Electric Crate Motor is estimated to be $20k-$30k. This price includes the motor, gearbox, and universal joint. The battery and control unit are not included in the base price but are available separately.

This is still a relatively good deal, pound for torque, compared to the $300,000 – $1M supercar-performance capabilities you would be getting from 0-60 mph.

If you’re interested in increasing the power and performance of your electric vehicle, the reVolt CR-43 All Electric Motor is probably the best option to consider today.

Do you think electric cars will take over the automotive world as we know it?

We see more and more Tesla swaps, and performance discussions and will surely continue seeing more examples in the future. A simple search on YouTube or Google indicates all green lights in this market segment.

2022 is likely a pillar year for the feature-rich relatively untapped EV performance space. Take a look around in any neighborhood residential garage the next time you’re walking the dog and count how many more electrified cars are around this year compared to last year.

Tesla rumors and rumblings signal that they may begin selling electric motors that can be installed into any car which is something interesting to keep tabs on.

Furthermore, think about all the V8 small block cars that could be and will be electrified with the reVolt bolt-on since it theoretically bolts onto any small block V8 chassis.

Electric Tuner Cars, and EV Swaps. Here we go!

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